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Top Reasons Why Vinyl Signs Are Essential for Business Advertising

A promotion is only as effective as the advertising it gets. That’s why vinyl signs are such a favorite among businesses—no matter their size. Here are nine reasons to get vinyl banners for your business.

9 Reasons Vinyl Signs Are a Must-Have for Advertising

  1. Order Tens or Hundreds Without Breaking the Bank
    With signs made of vinyl starting from as little as $49.99 for a single vinyl sign, installing them in large numbers is feasible for small and mid-sized businesses. It’s why our customers tend to order tens for local ads and hundreds for citywide advertising.
  2. America’s Biggest Businesses Use Them (and So Should You)
    Apple, McDonald’s, and American Express are the three biggest spenders when it comes to outdoor signs, and they are spending quite a lot more this year than they did in 2022. Signs are a proven means of advertising, and you need to work with an experienced vinyl sign maker to maximize the value you receive from your signs.
  3. Much More Affordable Than Billboards
    It costs about $2,000 per month to rent the space for a billboard in Memphis. Vinyl business signs give you the same advertising options and impact at a much lower (or nil) recurring cost. The only real cost is having the signs printed the first time.
  4. Print Any Design You Want
    Vinyl signs are a great canvas for printing, and we can print almost any design and message you want. It’s why we are the go-to partner not just for businesses and large institutions in Memphis, marketing and campaign companies rely on us too.
  5. Cut Any Shape You Want
    Don’t want the boring old rectangle shape for your signs? No problem, we can cut your signs to virtually any shape. Have your signs cut into shapes such as clouds and comic book characters and give audiences something more to get excited about!
  6. Choose From a Wide Range of Finishes and Get Noticed
    Glow in the dark, clear, perforated, translucent, and many more finishes! You can personalize custom vinyl signs with a wide range of finishes and get the look just right. Reflective signs are a particular favorite of Memphis businesses because they are eye-catching at night.
  7. Installation Couldn’t Be Easier
    Put down that hammer and drill! Installing these custom signage solutions is as easy as pasting them on a surface or hanging them off a hook. We also offer a wide range of non-damaging mounting options that allow you to install signs almost anywhere.
  8. Put Them Up Anywhere, With Few-or-No-Tools
    With the wide range of mounting options available for custom vinyl signs, you can put them up almost anywhere. Lamp posts, ceilings, and storefront windows are just some places where our customers install signs.
  9. Keep Your Message Fresh
    An advertising message is effective for 2-3 months, say marketing agencies. You need to keep refreshing promotions to keep them impactful and effective. With vinyl business signs, updating your messaging is easy and affordable.

Not Just a Vinyl Sign Shop Near You, We’re Your Advertising Partner

You don’t need just attractive designs, you need conversion-focused signs for impactful results. That’s we’re the go-to vinyl sign maker in Memphis. You will work with a knowledgeable team that will work with you to maximize advertising potential, not just print signs.

Book a free consultation with an expert at a leading vinyl sign shop near you and unlock your advertising potential.




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