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Tips to Design the Perfect Channel Letter Sign for Your Business

Channel letters can be amazing storefront signs that completely transform how people see your business. They are illuminated, which means no matter what time of day it is, your business will capture the attention of passersby. What makes them so special is that they offer so many versatile options and designs to add a customized touch.

If you are considering getting channel letters for your business, look no further than Sign Engine Ears. We have created many channel letters in Memphis, helping put businesses on the map. What we do that makes us different is we work with you to engineer a design that perfectly captures the vision of your business. Our job is not simply making signage, but making sure your business meets its marketing goals.
To learn more about how we achieve this, contact us and speak with one of our signage specialists today.

Things to Consider For Your Channel Letter Sign

If you want to invest in custom channel letters for your business, here are a few things to consider that can help you see the best return on your investment:

Shaped Letters

You can create a unique sign with custom channel letters by unconventionally shaping the letters. Every business owner’s goal is to leave a memorable impression, but many are afraid to take risks. Take a chance at being exceptional by considering shaped letters; they will make an impact that sets your business apart from others in your region. It’s a fantastic option if you run an entertainment-type business and want your business to look enticing and engaging.

Incorporate Your Logo

Memphis channel letter signs are not uncommon to see in the city or the entire state of Tennessee. One way to make this sign solution unique is by incorporating your logo. Anytime you advertise your business, consider including elements of your branding that can build instant recognition with your customers. Including a logo beside, underneath, above, or blended in with your channel letter design can be the personal touch your storefront sign needs.

Location is Everything

People typically use channel letters as a storefront sign because they attract the most visibility, but there are other placement options. Indoor dimensional letters can make your business stand out in a busy mall, or letters installed on top of a pylon sign can increase its visibility from miles away. While the type of sign is very important to its overall effectiveness, its location is also a critical component.

Light the Way to Your Business with Channel Letters Signs in Memphis

Channel letters are only one of many illuminated sign options we offer. Talk to our experts at Sign Engine Ears about all the possible storefront or illuminated sign options your business can choose from. We are ready to create the perfect sign that will give your business the attention it deserves.

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