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Wall Murals

Wall Murals in Memphis, TN

Wall murals are an excellent way to make any business in Memphis more inviting. Whether you are looking for a way to improve the interior of your office, shop, or restaurant, a mural is a fantastic way to make an unforgettable impression. Regardless of what your service is, all advertisements should be memorable. If people remember your mural, they will remember your business.

At Sign Engine Ears, we help local businesses by installing signs, graphics, and wall murals in Memphis. We plan strategies that help businesses grow and become known to the public. We are the wall mural installers in Memphis, TN that consistently deliver on their promises. Let us help your business grow too! 


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How Business Wall Murals Help You Attract Customers

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Businesses have interior wall murals installed because they are a great talking point. A talking point is a start for what can lead to more profitable business deals. Having office wall murals in your business displays how professional you are. It shows that you care about how your business looks which translates into other areas of business.

The many uses of wall murals include:

  • Branding: Having a custom decals with a design that creates brand awareness is the perfect way to leave a lasting image in people’s minds.
  • Improve aesthetic appeal: It is well known that if something looks good, people are naturally attracted to it. If you make the interior of your business look polished and inviting, people will naturally gravitate toward it.
  • Increase customer engagement: If you have a beautiful mural in your shop or restaurant, it is a talking point. It can make people feel comfortable and want to return to your business in Memphis.
  • Promote services and products: You can have a mural designed specifically to sell a product. Like any form of advertising, if you showcase your product at its best, people will be more willing to try it.

The more you improve the overall image of your business, the better you make potential customers feel. No one wants to walk into an establishment that is lifeless and unforgettable: people want experiences. Creating experiences will increase the number of customers your business has. Once you have them in the door, you have an opportunity to sell them your services. 

Types of Wall Murals

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Our murals are crafted with high-quality vinyl ensuring that the final product looks pristine every time. Some of the different types of wall murals are:

  • 3D Wall Murals
  • Abstract Murals
  • Office Wall Murals
  • Landscape Murals
  • Textured Murals
  • Wallpaper Murals

The brilliant thing about murals is they can be customized with any design or picture you want. If you are struggling with office mural ideas, don’t fret. We have graphic designers that specialize in creating designs for business purposes. Together we can create a decorative wall mural or office wallpaper you will proudly display in your business or office.

3D wallpaper in Memphis is especially effective at grabbing attention. It is a fun way to advertise to children and young adults. Adding a dimensional letters to your design will definitely leave an impression. 


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Inez Walton-Dietrich
Inez Walton-Dietrich
I contacted Mr. Grant Harlow via email to request an estimate on getting a sign done for our church, in which he responded back the same day. After receiving all the information regarding the specifications and graphics for the sign; we got a beautiful sign measured, delivered and installed within a week!! And at a great price!! Mr. Harlow was professional, easy to deal with and very knowledgeable about the best material for our sign. I would definitely use this company again and I highly recommend them to others. Thank you again Sign Engine Ears for an excellent job!! Inez
Steve Ulrich
Steve Ulrich
We turned to Sign Engine Ears to procure a tablecloth display for a local school fundraising event. With their assistance and our audio, we achieved the brand visibility we were aiming for. Their help was invaluable in making our event a success! Thank you Sign Engine Ears! Steve Ulrich Wisdom Integrators
Shane Maley
Shane Maley
Sign Engine Ears did a phenomenal job on helping me advertise my Pawnshop. I give them high praise and recommendation. These guys get the job done and quick. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know that needs signage for their business. Thanks alot guys!
Charles McClellan
Charles McClellan
It was great working with Grant on our new guest tent for our church. I would strongly recommend Sign Engine Ears. Great service and great product.
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones
Blown away at how quickly they serviced our restaurant! Very professional and did an amazing job!
Steven Beitz
Steven Beitz
Quick turnaround and great results!

Choose Sign Engine Ears for Premier Memphis Murals

If you are struggling to find reliable wall mural installers near you, reach out to the Sign Engine Ears. We are committed to helping businesses in Memphis, Southaven, Horn Lake add a touch of class and creativity to their interior to attract more customers. When you set up a consultation, we discuss the cost of wall murals and all the other information related to your project. Our job is to educate before we ever begin a project. That way, our customers know what to expect upfront.

Call us at 662-667-4467 or message us to find out how we can best serve you. Remember the name: Sign Engine Ears, Memphis’s high-quality signage provider. 

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Unlike traditional wallpaper, which comes with fixed patterns, wall murals are customizable to your preferences, ensuring they perfectly complement and enhance your space. Unlike wallpaper, wall murals can be personalized with your design, and are durable, easy to install.

Wall murals can be made from various materials, including vinyl, fabric, canvas, or paper. Each material offers different characteristics in terms of durability, texture, and ease of installation. Vinyl murals are popular for their durability and easy maintenance, while fabric or canvas murals provide a softer, more textured look.

Murals are versatile and can serve various purposes in commercial settings. In businesses, murals are often used for branding, marketing, or creating an immersive environment that reflects the company’s identity or values.

The lifespan of a wall mural depends on factors such as the material used, the quality of installation, and maintenance. Generally, high-quality vinyl or fabric murals installed by professionals can last for several years with proper care. Contact us now to get a free quote!

The cost of installing a wall mural varies depending on factors such as the size of the mural, the complexity of the design, the material used, and installation fees. It’s advisable to obtain quotes from mural artists or installation companies to get an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements and budget. Contact Sign Engine Ears, to get an accurate estimate.