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Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letters Memphis, TN

Channel letter signs are the perfect storefront sign for your business if you are looking to make a bold statement that catches eyes and mesmerizes. They are made from sturdy, durable materials and come complete with LED lights; no matter what time of day it is, you can be sure that your sign is attracting attention. Think about it: if you have an LED channel letter sign at your business, and your competitors do not, you are making more impressions after dark. It is impossible to miss!

At Sign Engine Ears, we engineer signage for businesses with a focus on converting passersby into potential customers. We have helped many businesses in Memphis, Southaven & Horn Lake and through our experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t work with a sign company you can’t trust: do your business justice and work with Sign Engine Ears. 


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What Are Channel Letters?

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Channel letters are freestanding 3D letters that create a sign when they are put together. One of the best uses of channel letters is as a storefront sign. 

Storefront channel letters add a dimensional element to your signage. People are naturally attracted to signage that pops out: it is more visually appealing. Along with having a clear message and a beautiful design, you can capture attention. It allows you to create a longer-lasting impression.

Custom Channel Letter Signs

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The more substance your signage has, the more people will remember it. With channel letters, you already get the added benefits of:

  • Lighted signage for visibility in the dark.
  • An enticing dimensional aspect.
  • Fun signage that children love.
  • Long-lasting durability.

Customizing storefront sign is a great way to flex your creative muscles and showcase the passion you have for your business. Adding a customized touch is risky if done with an inexperienced team, but can work out amazingly when done properly. 

Types of Channel Letters

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There are 4 different types of channel letters, all of which light up in different ways to create a different effect.

  • Front-lit Channel Letters
  • Halo-lit Channel Letters
  • Front and Backlit Channel Letters
  • Open Face Channel Letters

Halo-lit channel letters (or reverse channel letters, as they are also called) are where the lighting hits the letters from behind, creating a halo effect. It is a warm, inviting look that store owners love.

Front-lit channel letters are where the lighting is shone on the letter from the front. Front and back-lit letters are lit from both directions and open-face channel letters are the most unique. This is where the lighting is installed in the letters themselves and the light shines out from the face of the letters. This looks great as a marquee sign for a show.

As a business owner, we understand it can be hard to decide which option is right for you. That’s why we are here to help! We can show you all four options and review them for your location to figure out which is the best for your business in Memphis.


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Inez Walton-Dietrich
Inez Walton-Dietrich
I contacted Mr. Grant Harlow via email to request an estimate on getting a sign done for our church, in which he responded back the same day. After receiving all the information regarding the specifications and graphics for the sign; we got a beautiful sign measured, delivered and installed within a week!! And at a great price!! Mr. Harlow was professional, easy to deal with and very knowledgeable about the best material for our sign. I would definitely use this company again and I highly recommend them to others. Thank you again Sign Engine Ears for an excellent job!! Inez
Steve Ulrich
Steve Ulrich
We turned to Sign Engine Ears to procure a tablecloth display for a local school fundraising event. With their assistance and our audio, we achieved the brand visibility we were aiming for. Their help was invaluable in making our event a success! Thank you Sign Engine Ears! Steve Ulrich Wisdom Integrators
Shane Maley
Shane Maley
Sign Engine Ears did a phenomenal job on helping me advertise my Pawnshop. I give them high praise and recommendation. These guys get the job done and quick. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know that needs signage for their business. Thanks alot guys!
Charles McClellan
Charles McClellan
It was great working with Grant on our new guest tent for our church. I would strongly recommend Sign Engine Ears. Great service and great product.
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones
Blown away at how quickly they serviced our restaurant! Very professional and did an amazing job!
Steven Beitz
Steven Beitz
Quick turnaround and great results!

Your Backlit Channel Sign Manufacturer in Memphis, TN

If you are a business owner in Memphis, Southaven, Horn Lake, looking for channel letters near you, send us a message. We start with a consultation where we discuss the cost of channel letters after hearing all about your project, and then you can decide if they are right for your business: no pressure and no obligation. 

To set up a consultation or for more information, message us or call us at 662-667-4467

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Channel letters are typically used by businesses as storefront signs. Illuminated channel letters are fantastic for ensuring your storefront is always visible. Another way to use channel letters is to have them installed atop another form of signage, such as a monument sign or pylon sign.

The logo for your business can be integrated into the design for a channel letter sign. Channel letters can also be shaped in a way that positions them around your logo to create a unique storefront sign. You can even include a three-dimensional logo beside, between, underneath, or above the letters for a more sleek design.

Channel letters are typically mounted to a wall via a raceway or a wireway. They can also be directly mounted to a surface, such as a pylon sign, monument sign, or directly to your building’s facade. This flush mount gives them a clean look, which works well on your building’s storefront sign or inside your lobby.

In general, well-built channel letters should last for many years with proper maintenance. However, the exact lifespan depends on many factors, including the quality of the materials used, the size of the letters, what type of weather and other environmental factors they are subject to, the complexity of the design, and whether they are installed properly.

Channel letters are formed from shaped sheet metal, typically aluminum or steel, and have a sturdy translucent acrylic face that allows your sign front to be illuminated. They also have an electrical illumination system and often come with a mounting device, such as a raceway or a wireway.

Reverse channel letters, also called backlit channel letters or halo-lit channel letters, are letters that are lit up from behind. This creates a halo-like effect that is warm and inviting. The only difference between reverse channel letters and regular channel letters is the angle at which the lights illuminate them.

Flush mount channel letters are letters that are directly attached to a building’s exterior. This signage is trending for many businesses, as it offers a modern look. There are limitations on what angle you can light up your letters since they cannot be lit from behind. The lighting typically emanates from inside the letters.

The lights are usually installed via a wiring system called a raceway or a wireway, but there are other methods, depending on what type of channel letters you want. Open-face channel letters, for example, have LED lights installed within the letters, which requires a different manufacturing process.

There are several different ways you can mount your channel letters, including using a raceway or a wireway. Flush mounting options are also available. Channel letters can be mounted atop other forms of signage, such as a monument sign or a pylon sign to create a truly unique visual experience.

This depends on many factors, including what type of mounting method we have to use, how big the channel letters are, where you want to install them, and what wiring method is involved in hooking up the lighting system. For more information on the cost of installing channel letters, book a consultation with one of our team members today.